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The Weston Whirlwinds have been participating in North American Flyball Association flyball tournaments since 2000. The mission of the Weston Whirlwinds Flyball Team is above all to have fun with our canine companions while training to be the best we can be and exhibiting good sportsmanship.

Regular Team Best Time: 17.238 seconds, October 2013 (Gunnar, Mattingly, Finn and Krave, jumping 8 inches).

Multibreed Team Best Time: 18.479 seconds, November 2012 (Mattingly, Eika, Addie, and Zak, jumping 9 inches).

About Flyball

Flyball is a relay race for teams of dogs in which each of the four dogs on a team must run down a 51 foot course, jump four hurdles, trigger a "box" which releases a tennis ball, and return back over the hurdles with the ball. Each dog must run in turn and may not cross the start line before the previous dog has returned.

Races occur between pairs of teams running on parallel courses and are electronically timed; sometimes races are decided by as little as one thousandth of a second.

A fast-paced sport open to dogs of all sizes and breeds, Flyball is unique among dog sports in that it is truly a team sport - all the dogs on the team as well as their handlers must work together in order for the team to be successful.

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Latest News

Santa Paws Returns

Weston Whirlwinds Lightning placed 4th in Regular 2 while Thunder placed 4th in Open 2 at the fifth incarnation of the Santa Paws tournament, December 5-6 2015 at the Finger Lakes Pet Resort (formerly Boomtowne Canine Campus) in Farmington, NY.

Both teams ran well but were outclassed by the other teams in their divisions - but not for lack of trying. Many of Thunder's races went to 5 heats, which just goes to show what consistency can do.

Many thanks to everyone who helped us, especially Steve from Buffalo Wings and Jeff from NASDOG who boxloaded for Thunder (and to Stephanie from Ruff Enuff who tried).

Notable accomplishments included:

Pictures of the tournament can be see here and a video can be seen here.

Flyball MAINEia 2015

Weston Whirlwinds Lightning placed first in Regular 2 at the 2015 edition of Flyball MAINEia. This year there was a fairly small turnout, so there was plenty of crating space and a very relaxed feeling. The weather this year was gorgeous - one of those bright, crisp fall weekends that we learn to cherish (especially after last year's snow storm).

The team of Gunnar, Remi, Zak, and Henna performed well in the first race on Saturday, but then a set of unforced errors (both human and canine) left the team in a virtual tie with three other teams by the end of the day. But Sunday everybody settled down and pretty much demolished the competition, flirting with breaking out in the first race and ending up just one heat shy of a perfect performance for the day.

Addie contributed to the victory with a cameo appearance in the last race on Saturday, substituting for Remi.

A big congratulations to Junior Handler Kylie for helping Zak win his Onyx title. Well done!

Congratulations to Tom Lamont on his first apprentice judge assignment. Nice job.

Many thanks to Seth from White Mountain Mayhem/NASDOG for being our boxloader. We really appreciate you being there and being so steady. Thanks also to Jeannie from NASDOG for calling passes and to Celeste (a.k.a Stacey's mom) for ball shagging.

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here

CanAm 2015 Championship Judge

We are very proud that our own Cindy Henderson was the CanAm 2015 Championship Judge. In her own words:

" ... Thank you to Buffalo Wings and 2 Fast Fur U for running together on an open team, I had a ton of fun and we even took home first place on Sunday! Thank you to Kevin for running Mattingly for me on Saturday and Sunday. Thank you to my friends on Ruff Enuff for helping take care of my dogs when I was judging and for helping me pack my car on Sunday night. Thank you to all the volunteers who worked to get the event set up, work the line and box judge chairs for the weekend. Thank you to Sheri for your hard work, support and laughs working the head table in the blue ring with me all weekend. Thank you to all the NAFA judges for your support, laughs and assistance in the ring over the weekend so I could race my dogs and enjoy a few breaks, I am honored to work with such a professional and supportive group of individuals. Thank you to the NAFA Board of Directors for your tireless efforts in making CanAm the premier flyball event in the world. Thank you to Lee, Leerie and Dave for all you words of encouragement and support during the event. Thank you to all the competitors that raced in my ring that made me smile with your sportsmanship, love of your dogs, and kind words of support. Thank you to so many friends from all over that provided words of encouragement and laughs throughout the weekend ... "

Mattingly earned his Iron Dog during the tournament. Congratulations, Mattingly! Hard to believe it's been 10 years.

Organized Chaos 2015

Weston Whirlwinds Hurricanes placed 3rd in Multi 1, while the Northern Lights took 1st in Vets 1 and the All Junior Handlers team, the Tiny Typhoons, took 4th place in Open 2 at the 2015 Organized Chaos tournament, September 19-20 at the Franklin County Fairground in Greenfield, MA.

What a wonderful weekend it was! After the fog burned off on Saturday morning the weather was almost perfect - a beautifully sunny early autumn weekend - and everone enjoyed hanging out under the EZ-up while waiting for racing.

In the lanes, everything was all business. The Junior Handlers impressed everyone with their excellent starts (Kylie running Zak), tight passes (Seb running Finn and Alex, Linnea, and Finley running Diesel), and savvy handling (Peyton running Sophie and Remi). The boxloader was Keely, who performed as if she had been doing it for years, having to deal with 4 different kinds of balls and several changes in the lineup and handling it like a pro. Ball shagging was handled ably as always by Ciara. The team even helped the newest member of the Weston Whirlwinds family, Gehrig, earn his first points. Well done team!

The vets team, Mattingly, Eika, Max, and Addie, performed steadily throughout the tournament. For Mattingly, Max, and Addie, this was their first tournament running in the veterans class, and they took to it quite nicely.

The Hurricanes, consisting of Gunnar, Remi, Stella, Torre, and Henna, also performed very steadily. They were totally outclassed in speed by their opponents but managed to give both of the other multi teams a scare with their consistency, ultimately dropping to a third place finish on a tiebreaker. Nicely done!

There were several milestones at this tournament. To our knowledge, no other club has fielded an all junior handlers team before, so that was quite an achievement in and of itself. In addition, both Remi and Torre earned their FGDCh-40 titles - how often does it happen that two dogs on the same club reach 40,000 points in the same tournament? And lastly but not leastly Stella earned her FMCh. Excellent work all!

Many thanks to Lauren from Mass Chaos for lending us Diesel for the Tiny Typhoons, and to Mass Chaos for lending us Finley to run Diesel for one race. Many thanks also to all of you who cheered on the Junior Handlers team.

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here.

A short video of the Tiny Typhoons can be seen here.

BARKing Mayhem 2015

Weston Whirlwinds Hurricanes placed 5th in Multi 1 at the 2015 BARKing Mayhem tournament, August 29-30 at the Wide World of Indoor Sports in North Smithfield, RI.

In what was to some extent a training exercise, the team of Mattingly, Stella, Henna, and Sophie (with a relief appearance from Addie) was extremely ragged on Saturday. This was Henna's first full tournament after recovering from her Addisonian crisis, and she had a little trouble adjusting to not running anchor on the team. Sophie, our fiesty little height dog, was also having trouble adjusting to running full time (in the absence of Torre, who was recovering from a bout of kennel cough). The other dogs also seemed to sense that something was not quite right, and so the day as a whole felt somewhat frustrating.

But everyone stuck with it, and by the end of the day Sunday the team was running much more smoothly and managed to get in a couple of fairly clean races. Particularly gratifying was that Henna was able to run consistently for the entire tournament, and even clocked a 5.0 in one race; she hadn't run this fast for almost a year.

The tournament overall was a very fun one. The N. Smithfield venue is very nice (even though parking was a bit tight, partly because we shared the facility with an AKC agility trial). We really appreciated the air conditioning, especially on Sunday when it got fairly warm outside. The raffle was really nice - and we won several items from it - and the pizza place across the parking lot drew rave reviews. We hope that we can have more tournaments there in the future.

As usual we owe a lot to people from other teams for helping us out. In particular, thanks to Tom from ARFF and Joe from Ruff Enuff for boxloading for us a couple of times so we could run Addie, and to everyone from FAME, Mass Chaos, and Ruff Enuff who helped with Gehrig in his warmup runs.

Remi also sends his thanks to Wicked Fly for letting him run on their Open team; he had a blast.

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here.

Foto Finish 2015

Weston Whirlwinds Thunder placed 2nd in Open 1 at Fetch 'n Fly's Foto Finish tournament, August 22-23 at Boom Towne Canine Campus in Farmington, NY. The team, consisting of Win and Fury from Ruff Enuff and our own Remi, Henna, and Addie, performed very consistently for the entire tournament. This tournament marked Henna's return to the lanes after her diagnosis with Addison's Disease, and although she had to sit out the second day we were very pleased with her performance.

This was a very small tournament with lots of sharing between teams, and it was gratifying to see how everyone pitched in to help each other. We especially appreciate the help Sue and Jo-Anne from Ruff Enuff gave us, particulary so since the Ruff Enuff team was in the same division. Thank you, Sue and Jo-Anne! Thank you also to Jen from Ruffin' It for boxloading for us the entire tournament, and to Kathy from 2 Fast Fur U for running Fury when we were running against Ruff Enuff (glad to see you still have all of your fingers, Kathy!), and to Lisa from 2 Fast Fur U for ball shagging. We couldn't have done it without you!

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here.

Beach Party 2015

Boom Towne lived up to its name as the 2015 edition of 2 Fast Fur U's Beach Party started with the BOOM of a thunderstorm at 5 am on Saturday morning, but luckily the storm departed and the clouds cleared out by the time racing started. The newly air conditioned Boom Towne Canine Campus made for a lovely venue for some mid Summer racing, as the Weston Whirlwinds Hurricanes placed 3rd in Multi-1 during the hot and sticky weekend of July 18-19.

The tournament featured one dog (Fire from Obsessed K-9's) earning her Hobbes award; it's the first time any of us have seen such an event and we were honored to be even a small part of it.

It was an eclectic group of teams at a small tournament, and since so many teams came short handed it was nice to see everyone helping each other. Speaking of which - once again we owe big thanks to our friends from Buffalo Wings, especially to Julie who ran Mattingly and to Cindy who boxloaded for us. Also thanks to Joe from Ruff Enuff/OK9 for boxloading and to everyone else who helped us.

Congratulations to our Junior Handler Peyton who ran two (!) dogs, Sophie and Torre, and did a great job.

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here.
A time lapse video of the tournament can be seen here.
A video of the tournament can be seen here.

BARKaritavillE 2015

Weston Whirlwinds Lightning placed 3rd in Regular 2 while Thunder took 2nd in Open 2 at BARKaritavillE 2015, May 30-31 at Habitat for Soccer and Sports in Uxbridge, MA. The calendar said Spring but the weather felt more like Summer at a small tournament that offered plenty of time outside on Saturday and inside on Sunday for relaxing and visiting with teammates.

The Lightning (Mattingly, Finn, Remi, and Stella) ran very consistently the entire tournament, earning 776 points with an impressive 78% clean-heat percentage. Well done team!

Thunder (Wish, Addie, Torre, Sophie, and Patches with a cameo by Remi) also did well, even though the team lineup was continually changing. Sophie ran almost the entire tournament and ran in both lanes, while Patches ran the entire day on Sunday. Wish ran start in his first tournament since last November and did an extremely good job. Remi replaced Torre for one race on Saturday when Cindy had to judge the race.

This was Wish's last tournament before heading off with his family for a year in France, so it was really nice to see him in the lanes again after a winter off from racing. Bonne Chance and Bon Voyage to Wish and Susan on their big adventure.

Congratulations and many thanks to our junior handlers Sebastian, Keely, Peyton, Ciara, Alex, and Linnea for the great job you did.

Pictures can be seen here

A video can be seen here

A time lapse video can be seen here

Greenfield Derby 2015

Weston Whirlwinds Lightning took 1st in Regular 3 while the Hurricanes took 4th in Multi 1 at the 2015 Greenfield Derby, May 2-3 at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Greenfield, MA. The weather was well-nigh perfect, and the Lighning (Mattingly, Stella, Zak, Finn, and Patches) pretty much dominated the competition, even flirting with breaking out while posting a best time of 20.313. The Hurricanes had a harder time of it, but managed to pull things together enough to win some points and some cheers from the onlookers as they closed out the tournament with the last race.

Congratulations to Sophie for earning her FDCh-S.

Many thanks to Junior Handlers Kylie (running Zak), Sebastian (running Finn), and Keely (ball shagging). Great job!

Pictures can be seen here and a time lapse video can be seen here

Spring Fling 2015

In the first Region 13 tournament since last September that didn't feature snowflakes falling from the sky, the Weston Whirlwinds Lightning placed 1st in Regular 2 while Thunder placed 2nd in Open 2 and the Hurricanes placed 3rd in Multi 1 at the Maine Coast Runners 14th annual Spring Fling tournament, April 11-12 at the Dover Ice Arena in Dover, NH.

Lightning, consisting of Mattingly, Eika, Max, and Finn (ably handled by Junior Handler Sebastian), with cameo appearances by Patches (making her Flyball debut in great fashion), ran very consistently throughout the tournament and pretty much dominated their competition, posting a best time of 18.991.

Thunder (Zak, Kick, Remi, Addie, and Sophie) had some rough moments but did a great job. It was especially nice to see Sophie beginning to settle into her role - she ran very well the entire tournament. We look forward to seeing her expand her repertoire to include both lanes in the not too distant future.

The Hurricanes (Gunnar, Stella, Torre, and Henna) performed admirably in their division (Multi 1 is always tough), posting a best time of 21.157 and managing to beat their seeding by one place. Addie pulled double duty by acting as cheerleader and one-time standin for Henna.

Congratulations to our Junior Handlers Kylie (running Zak), Sebastian (running Finn), and Peyton (running Sophie). You guys did a great job!

Many thanks to Kathy and Kick from Buffalo Wings for running with us on Thunder.

Milestones: congratulations to Addie for earning her FGDCh-40 and to Patches for earning her FD and FDX.

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here.
Video can be seen here.

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