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The Weston Whirlwinds have been participating in North American Flyball Association flyball tournaments since 2000. The mission of the Weston Whirlwinds Flyball Team is above all to have fun with our canine companions while training to be the best we can be and exhibiting good sportsmanship.

Regular Team Best Time: 17.238 seconds, October 2013 (Gunnar, Mattingly, Finn and Krave, jumping 8 inches).

Multibreed Team Best Time: 18.479 seconds, November 2012 (Mattingly, Eika, Addie, and Zak, jumping 9 inches).

About Flyball

Flyball is a relay race for teams of dogs in which each of the four dogs on a team must run down a 51 foot course, jump four hurdles, trigger a "box" which releases a tennis ball, and return back over the hurdles with the ball. Each dog must run in turn and may not cross the start line before the previous dog has returned.

Races occur between pairs of teams running on parallel courses and are electronically timed; sometimes races are decided by as little as one thousandth of a second.

A fast-paced sport open to dogs of all sizes and breeds, Flyball is unique among dog sports in that it is truly a team sport - all the dogs on the team as well as their handlers must work together in order for the team to be successful.

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Flyball team in action

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Latest News

Spring Fling 2016

Weston Whirlwinds Northern Lights placed 1st in the Veterans division, while the Hurricanes placed 2nd in Multi 1 and Thunder placed 3rd in Open 2 at the 15th annual Spring Fling tournament, April 9-10 at the Dover Ice Arena in Dover, NH.

The Northern Lights, being the veterans that they are, had no problems putting away the competition, easily winning almost all of their heats even against Open 3 opponents. The team of Eika, Max, Remi, Addie, and Onyx performed solidly throughout the tournament, and helped Max earn his FMX. In true Weston Whirlwinds tradition it took us until the end of the tournament to get him there, but we did it! Congratulations to the team and especially to Max.

The Hurricanes (Gehrig, Zak, Stella, Henna, Mattingly, and Torre) put in a solid performance, managing to pull out a 2nd place finish (they were seeded 3rd) even though an injury to Mattingly knocked him out near the end of the first day. It was an impressive result from what could have been a very difficult tournament. Good work team!

Thunder, consisting of Gunnar, Mattingly, Kick, Sophie, Torre, and Gehrig, also suffered when Mattingly was injured but pulled through in the end to finish well. The loss of Mattingly was especially difficult for this team because it meant shuffling the racing order so Gehrig could run in his preferred starting position. Gunnar ended up running second, which he almost never does - but you wouldn't know it from how well he ran. Sophie also stepped up big time, running without any problems in both the right and the left lanes. It's quite possible that this was a breakthrough tournament for our feisty little height dog, and we look forward to seeing how she does at our next tournament.

Congratulations to Cindy and Gehrig for a perfect start (their second!) in the last heat of Thunder's last race. Way to go!

Congratulations to our Junior Handlers Peyton and Kylie for running Sophie and Zak, and many thanks to Keely for ball shagging the entire tournament - broken wrist and all.

Many thanks to Lorraine and Onyx for running with us on Vets and to Kathy and Kick for running with us on Open 2. We had a lot of fun running with you and we hope we can do it again in the future.

Pictures of the tournament can be see here.

March Madness 2016

Weston Whirlwinds sent two teams to the first ever Flyball tournament in Syracuse, NY on March 5 and 6. Held at the Syracuse Obedience Training Club, the two-ring tournament was actually two one-day events, a rarity for Region 13, and so there were two sets of results for the weekend.

Running in Regular 2, Weston Whirlwinds Lightning (Gunnar, Torre, Mattingly, and Henna with backup by Addie and Zak) took a little while to shake off the winter cobwebs, placing 4th on day one and 1st on day two.

Running in Multi 1, Weston Whirlwings Hurricanes (Gehrig, Remi, Eika, and Zak with backup by Torre and Addie) also struggled on day one and placed 4th, but settled down and placed a solid 3rd on day two with a best time of 18.616.

We enjoyed just about everything about the tournament - the venue, the food (the stuffed French toast was to die for), the weather, the location (1 hour closer for us!), the early finish on both days. We really enjoyed interacting with the folks from Syracuse Flyball, and we hope to see them in the lanes in the not too distant future. We know how hard it is to man the tables and the judges' chairs and we really appreciate all the hard work you put in. Sure there were a few hiccups but pulling it off as well as you did was a tremendous accomplishment.

Special thanks to Denise for running Zak and to Darla for boxloading, and to everyone else on Buffalo Wings for helping us.

Congratulations to Henna for earning her FMX.

A video of the tournament can be seen here and pictures can be seen here.

Santa Paws Returns

Weston Whirlwinds Lightning placed 4th in Regular 2 while Thunder placed 4th in Open 2 at the fifth incarnation of the Santa Paws tournament, December 5-6 2015 at the Finger Lakes Pet Resort (formerly Boomtowne Canine Campus) in Farmington, NY.

Both teams ran well but were outclassed by the other teams in their divisions - but not for lack of trying. Many of Thunder's races went to 5 heats, which just goes to show what consistency can do.

Many thanks to everyone who helped us, especially Steve from Buffalo Wings and Jeff from NASDOG who boxloaded for Thunder (and to Stephanie from Ruff Enuff who tried).

Notable accomplishments included:

Pictures of the tournament can be see here and a video can be seen here.

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