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The Weston Whirlwinds have been participating in North American Flyball Association flyball tournaments since 2000. The mission of the Weston Whirlwinds Flyball Team is above all to have fun with our canine companions while training to be the best we can be and exhibiting good sportsmanship.

2018 CanAm Multibreed Division IV Champions: Gehrig, Henna, Remi, and Zak

Regular Team Best Time: 17.238 seconds, October 2013 (Gunnar, Mattingly, Finn and Krave, jumping 8 inches).

Multibreed Team Best Time: 18.479 seconds, November 2012 (Mattingly, Eika, Addie, and Zak, jumping 9 inches).

About Flyball

Flyball is a relay race for teams of dogs in which each of the four dogs on a team must run down a 51 foot course, jump four hurdles, trigger a "box" which releases a tennis ball, and return back over the hurdles with the ball. Each dog must run in turn and may not cross the start line before the previous dog has returned.

Races occur between pairs of teams running on parallel courses and are electronically timed; sometimes races are decided by as little as one thousandth of a second.

A fast-paced sport open to dogs of all sizes and breeds, Flyball is unique among dog sports in that it is truly a team sport - all the dogs on the team as well as their handlers must work together in order for the team to be successful.

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Flyball team in action

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Latest News

Beach Party 2018

Weston Whirlwinds Lightning placed 4th in Regular 2 while the Hurricanes placed 2nd in Multi 1 at the Beach Party 2018 tournament. Billed as "The Last Blast", this was the last tournament to be held at the Finger Lakes Pet Resort as the facility is being reconfigured and will no longer be available for Flyball events.

Lightning (Gunnar, Henna, Jessie, Dillon, and Torre) ran consistently all weekend and helped Gunnar make it into the ranks of the top five Giant Schnauzers in NAFA.

The Hurricanes (Gehrig, Remi, Zak, and Mandy with cameos by Cedar) had their problems, but pulled together and helped Cedar earn his FD and FDX titles. Cedar is looking good in the lanes and we anticipate great things from him.

A video of the tournament can be seen here.

Greenfield Derby 2018

Weston Whirlwinds Lightning placed 6th in Regular 2 while the Hurricanes placed 5th in Multi and Thunder placed 5th in Open 1 at the 2018 edition of the Greenfield Derby, May 5-6 at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Greenfield, MA.

Their ranks thinned by illness both human and canine, the teams competed gamely but were ultimately outmatched by the competition - the basic theme was "slow but steady".

Lightning (Henna, Jessie, Finn, and Sophie) and Thunder (GG, Torre, Addie, and Dillon, a.k.a. Three Vets and a Border Collie, a.k.a. the Three Judges Team) were constantly flirting with the 24 second barrier, while the Hurricanes (Gehrig, Remi, Zak, and Mandy with backup by Zak and Henna) ran well the entire tournament but just didn't have the speed to catch up to their faster rivals.

The weather featured the usual mix of New England spring weather - beautiful day Saturday with plenty of sunshine; cool and drizzly on Sunday. Even though the teams didn't place well everybody had a good time, as we usually do at this tournament.

Of special note at this tournament were junior handlers Seb (Finn and Mattingly) and Peyton (Sophie, Torre, and Mattingly), with a special shout out to Peyton for running Sophie all day both days without any adult supervision at all. Anyone who knows Sophie knows that she is not an easy dog to run, and Peyton did an absolutely wonderful job running her.

Also of special note was Mattingly, who came out of retirement to take a few runs with Flyball MAINEiac's vets team. Mattingly ran around, rather than over, the jumps, but he was definitely happy to be out there - as always he was trembling with anticipation before he started his runs.

Many thanks to Lorraine and GG for running with us on Thunder.

Finally, congratulations to Gehrig for earning his FMX title at this tournament. We certainly made him work for it, and it was well-deserved.

Spring Fling 2018

Weston Whirlwinds Hurricanes placed 2nd in Multi 1 while Lightning placed 3rd in Regular 3 and Thunder placed 2nd in Open 3 at the 2018 Spring Fling tournament, April 7-8 at the Dover Ice Arena in Dover, NH. The weather was cold but sunny as B.A.R.K. and Flyball MAINEiacs brought us their incarnation of a tournament we always look forward to. It's nice to have a tournament that's close enough that we can field three teams, something we don't often get a chance to do.

The Hurricanes (Gehrig, Henna, Zak, and Mandy, with backup by Addie) ran very well throughout the tournament against some very tough competition, going undefeated in their first day of racing and splitting the second day with 2 wins and 2 losses. This division featured lots of tight races, with two of the team's races going to 5 heats and two going to 4 heats.

Lightning (Gunnar, Max, Remi, Sophie, and Dillon with a cameo by Cedar) also ran very well. Some of the dogs (Remi, Sophie, and Dillon) ran at or near their personal best times, and Cedar racked up the second Flyball point of his career. Well done team!

Thunder (Jessie, Stella, Odo, Addie, and Torre) spent a lot of time flirting with the 24 second limit, and as a result they didn't score a lot of points. But they had fun and ran well, and we were very happy with their performance.

Congratulations to Henna for earning her Onyx title.

Congratulations to Junior Handler Peyton for her great job running Sophie during all of her races. Many thanks to Junior Handlers Keely and Ciara for shagging balls for us. We really appreciate your hard work!

March Madness 2018

In the club's first tournament of 2018, Weston Whirlwinds Hurricanes placed 4th in Multi 1 while Thunder placed 2nd in Open 2 at Syracuse Flyball's March Madness tournament, March 10-11 at SOTC in Syracuse, NY.

The Hurricanes (Gehrig, Henna, Zak, and Jessie) were outclassed by their competition but put up a gallant effort, forcing their opponents to 5 heats in 4 of their 9 races. In the process they racked up 876 points and put Henna within 53 points of her Onyx.

Bolstered by the late addition of GG to the team, Thunder (GG, Gunnar, Remi, and Torre), had some problems in the early going on Saturday but by Sunday had settled down and were running like a well-oiled machine. They won their last 9 heats in a row, including all 4 heats against 1st place winner 2 Fast Fur U (assisted by Gehrig, who replaced Torre for that race only) and all 4 heats against 3rd place winner Canine Airways. In the race against 2FFU they flirted with breaking out, running a 19.095 (against a breakout of 19.0), but held it together and vaulted into 2nd place in their last race of the tournament. Well done team!

Congratulations to Cedar who did great warming up and earned his first Flyball point running with Thunder.

Many thanks to Lorraine and GG for running with us.

Santa Paws 2017

Veteran height dog Torre earned her FGDCh-50K title at 2 Fast Fur U's 7th annual Santa Paws tournament, December 2-3 at the Finger Lakes Pet Resort in Farmington, NY.

In what was truly a team effort, the Hurricanes (Gehrig, Gunnar, Henna, Zak, Remi, and Torre) ran steadily throughout the tournament and delivered enough points to put Torre over the 50,000 point line in the first heat of the team's last race. The honor of putting Torre across that line was shared very evenly amongst her teammates. Well done, team, and congratulations, Torre!

After a strong start on Saturday, with the team in second place at the end of the day, they faded in the standings on Sunday as they concentrated on points instead of speed, ultimately ending up in 4th place. But this was in no way a disappointment, since they reached their primary goal of getting Torre to 50K. Mission accomplished!

The weather during the tournament was absolutely gorgeous, and as usual 2 Fast Fur U did a great job running things in the lanes. There were Ugly Sweaters, a pet parade, holiday socks, and an appearance by Santa Claus. A great time was had by all, and it was a wonderful way to close out racing for 2017.

We owe big thanks to our friends from Ruff Enuff for helping us in the lanes, especially Joe for boxloading, Bonnie for running Gehrig and Zak, and Stephanie for running Gunnar. We really appreciate your help!

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here and a video can be seen here.

Flyball MAINEia 2017

Weston Whirlwinds Hurricanes placed 2nd in Multi 1 while Thunder placed 4th in Open 2 at the 11th running of Flyball MAINEia, November 11-12 at the Boothbay YMCA in Boothbay Harbor, ME.

The Hurricanes (Gehrig, Mandy, Remi, and Torre) were seeded last in their division, so their strategy was to run clean and hope for the best. Unfortunately they started the tournament a little ragged and so things weren't looking very good after the first couple of races. But they managed to settle down and in the end pulled out a second place finish in the tournament. In the process Remi earned his FGDCh-50k title - congratulations, Remi, and well done, team!

Thunder (Henna, Jesse, Addie, Odo, and Dillon) were also seeded last in their division, so they had the same strategy - run clean and hope for the best. They also started out ragged but also settled down and managed to move up one place, in the process helping Odo earn his FDCh-S title. Other highlights of the team's performance included Henna running a 4.6 in start and Dillon running a 6.4 in anchor. Congratulations Odo, and well done, team!

Many thanks to Lorraine for running Gehrig.

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here.

A video of the tournament can be seen here.

Dress Rehearsal 2017

Weston Whirlwinds Lightning placed 4th in Regular 3 while the Hurricanes placed 4th in Multi 1 at the 2017 Dress Rehearsal tournament, September 23-24 at the Genesee County Fairgrounds in Batavia, NY.

While the calendar said it was the first weekend of fall, the weather was decidedly unfall-like as temperatures topped out near 90 degrees on both days of the tournament. With a total of 42 teams and 182 races, it was definitely a grueling test of endurance - both human and canine. But the Whirlwinds rose to the challenge and acquitted themselves well.

The Lightning (Gehrig, Jesse, Finn, and Torre), in training for CanAm in October, started out rough on Saturday but was doing much better by the last race on Saturday and did very well on Sunday, so all in all they accomplished their mission for this tournament. Boxloading for that team is interesting since each dog gets something different - no sleeping on the job for the boxloader in spite of the heat! Mattingly ran in one of the races on Saturday and got some points, which is all we ask of him at this juncture. He is slated for a well earned retirement after CanAm, so for those of us who are not going to CanAm it was nice to see him run in a tournament one last time.

The Hurricanes (Gunnar, Henna, Remi, and Zak) ran very consistently and racked up a lot of points, even though they didn't win a lot of races.

There was some really fast and close racing at this tournament. 2FFU and Mass Chaos duked it out for the Region 13 Regular championship, which came down to the 5th heat of their last race against each other in the tournament. Mass Chaos won that heat 15.618 seconds to 15.702 seconds. Congratulations to both clubs for an excellent job well done! Also, Border Patrol hit 14.385 seconds in one of their races. They chose not to have their height dog measured so it doesn't count for a record, but nonetheless that's some serious speed.

Congratulations to Junior Handler Seb for a great job running both Finn (on the Regular team) and Zak (on the Multi team) for the entire tournament. Well done, and good luck at CanAm!

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here.

A video of the tournament can be seen here.

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